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We're blending our passion for making delicious food with our extensive knowledge of our cuisine to create authentic and classic dishes for your enjoyment. We use the freshest, locally-sourced ingredients and promise to give your taste buds something to be excited about.

Thank you for ordering directly from our website which helps us to provide the best service with a focus on top-quality ingredients. Enjoy your next meal to go—you will not be disappointed!

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Google Reviews

David Shook

Came here at lunch. Two complete pages of lunch specials. Interior is super clean and decorated beautifully. Bright and cheerful. Our Server was very friendly and so attentive. The La Torta was huge and delicious!!

David Cook

Everything was great. The servers were really nice and kept checking on us and their was enough on the plate I have enough left over for dinner. Even the robot that rolled around carrying the food to the table playing music was cool.

GH Marley

The service was very good. I ordered the super nachos without meat and added rice. It was my first time trying it and it actually was better than my usual nachos. The pollo jarocho was really good. Had a side of Mexican rice with queso.

Hopefully Ginger

I didn’t even know Adela’s existed the first few years living here but if you travel to the edge of Lancaster SC proper you will find an awesome experience for Tex-Mex dining. The service is wonderful as well. All the wait staff are polite, cheerful, and patient.

Johnnah C.

This restaurant is beautiful in many ways. So many colors, decorations, murals just silently begging for a selfie, I could go on and on. There is a cat-type robot that brings your food. That is amazing to see and have in this town where everything is "the usual".

Wendy Kidd

Great menu - I’m gradually working my way through it, and everything I’ve had so far has been delicious. The interior is inviting, service is always great. They even made some plain cooked chicken for me to take home to my sick dog - now that’s service.